Thursday, 29 December 2016

The Caroll affect

The  Caroll effect
Author of Alice in wonderland Lewis carol suffered from hallucination brought on by migranes .Many speculated that his books stemmed from his experiences. Decades after his death English psychiatrist John Tedd came up with the term Alice in Wonder Land syndrome in1955 .It is a neurological disorder that causes strange hallucinations that affect human perceptions.
The story of Alice ‘s adventure was first told on a  river trip with Lewis’s muse Alice Liddell and her sisters on July 4 1862.
The Author took only one trip abroad in his life across Europe to Russia in 1867
He was prodigious letter writer sending some 2000 responses per year some times he wrote letters backwards that could only be read in a mirror .Lewis once timed himself to see how long it took him to write .He wrote 20 words a minute, a page of 150 words in  75 minutes. He was mathematicians after all .

He invented an early form of Scrabble in 1880 ‘A game might be made of letters to be moved about on chess board they form words* he wrote in his diary .

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